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All four of our high quality Prepaid Funeral Plans warranty to cover funeral director costs, in addition to the crematorium fee and also priests cost consisted of in your Plan. As burial expenses differ substantially across the UK and are past our control, is unable to cover these additional costs.

Rather, our Plans include a charitable payment of ₤ 1,220 in the direction of these solutions which enhances annually in line with RPI rising cost of living.



In 2017, the typical cost of a burial funeral was ₤ 4,800, the expense of a burial can be divided right into two essential parts, these include:

The prerogative of burial (EROB)– this is the physical space itself, usually referred to as the burial plot.
The interment– this charge is for the prep work of the burial story or grave.
The burial plot, or tomb, is an expense which will certainly differ extensively throughout the UK, as it is set by the council. Comparable to residential or commercial property rates, it will certainly depend upon where in the country you select to be hidden.

The 2017 Fairer Money Study Record found that one of the largest differentials in price for burial funerals is the cost of a burial plot. This can vary from just ₤ 280 to upwards of ₤ 5000.

When opting for a burial, you might likewise need to think about maintenance as well as monument costs. Councils typically bill upkeep fees, covering tasks such as grass cutting and insurance for the burial plot. Family members will certainly usually be accountable for preserving markers and also memorial plots.


WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR BURIAL EXPENSES?’s generous payment of ₤ 1,220 in the direction of burial costs will certainly aid shield your loved ones from a great deal of stress and anxiety as well as economic fear in the future.

If the burial services needed at the time of need were to set you back greater than the contribution in the Plan, then the difference would need to be paid for at the time of the funeral. If, nonetheless, there is any of the payment remaining after all burial costs have been paid, we will certainly reimburse the distinction.



The function of life insurance is to protect your loved ones in case of your death. The lump sum your household obtains from an insurance policy can pay in the direction of your funeral or cover several of the linked burial costs but none of this is guaranteed.



The cost of burial plots throughout the nation differs from hundreds to thousands of extra pounds, with London, unsurprisingly, being among one of the most expensive areas. Several burial stories can accommodate 2 or even 3 caskets, so it’s worth thinking of your requirements ahead of time as joint burial stories can inevitably conserve you as well as your family members cash.

Locals of a location can obtain a 50% discount on the price of burial– yet this relies on when the story is purchased and also by whom. The price cut may not apply– depending on the authority if someone is acquiring it on part of someone else.

Need to you already have a story or grave, you can let us know as well as your Nominated Funeral Director will certainly after that make the necessary arrangements at the time of requirement. Solutions such as opening up and also re-closing an existing grave will certainly come under the payment allocation consisted of in your Plan.

If you don’t currently have a burial plot, it is recommended that you purchase one in advance if you have a certain cemetery in mind, as well as pre-buying of plots is allowed. If you are unable to buy a plot now, this can be arranged at a later day. The payment within the Funeral Plan will certainly be set against the plot charge as well as other burial services needed at the time of need. We can not ensure that this contribution will hidden the full price of a burial funeral when the time comes.



Making the option in between burial and cremation is something everybody will certainly experience in our lives, whether it’s for ourselves or a loved one. For some, the choice will be determined by religious beliefs or family members practice, creating an easier choice. For those that are unsure which to opt for, the distinction in price might ultimately be the deciding aspect.

Usually, the price of cremation is significantly less than the expense of burial, mostly as a result of the additional story costs which must be covered when opting for a burial. All of’s Prepaid Funeral Plans assurance that the cremation expenses consisted of in the Plan will certainly be covered. Our ₤ 1,220 payment towards burial prices should alleviate the problem of having to cover any extra expenses when the time comes if you do want to be hidden.



It is not uncommon for different burial grounds around the UK to be had by a host of various entities, these can consist of:

Area councils
Borough councils
Church councils
Exclusive companies
Consequently, the cost can vary substantially relying on the kind as well as place of the cemetery chosen. Right here are simply a couple of instances:

Enniskillen in Northen Ireland is the least pricey place to be hidden in the UK. Possessed by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, the EROB is ₤ 143 and also interment is ₤ 118.
Contrastingly, Norwich City board possesses 2 fees as well as burial grounds ₤ 1,948 for EROB and ₤ 1,362 for interment.
Not all cemeteries permit pre-purchasing of stories for burial so, subject to accessibility, the story will require to be acquired at the time of need. To acquire a story, you need to call your neighborhood council or church for details.


All of’s Prepaid Funeral Plans consist of a burial option, should you need it. The Prepaid Funeral Plan from currently supplies one of the biggest payments in the direction of burial expenses offered on the marketplace. The payment additionally enhances every year according to RPI.

For more details about a burial funeral plan, please call us on 0808 239 4841 or demand your cost-free guide.

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