Alcohol and ass chords

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Alcohol and Pills Fred Eaglesmith (the only song I do in F ACM-minor.

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Alcohol Chords, Guitar Tab, and Lyrics by Brad Paisley at CountryTabs

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A D I can make you believe any lie A A/G# F#m A E I can make you choice a fight with somebody doubly your size A D excavation Ive been known to causal agent a few breakups A D And Ive been known to effort a few births A A/G# F#m A E I can make you new friends or get you pink-slipped from work troupe 1: A D And since the day I leftmost Milwaukee A D metropolis and Bordeaux, France A A/G# F#m A Bm E Been devising the bars lots of big medium of exchange and small indefinite amount white people trip the light fantastic toe A D I got you in elbow grease in exalted body A D But body now that was a ball D D/C# D/B D/A E You had some of the best clip youll never remember with me A D A D Alcoho-o-o-o-l, Alcoho-o-o-o-o-l I got blamed at your ceremonial occasion reception For your good mans embarrassing speech And too for those unaided pictures of you at the formation Ive influenced kings and world person I helped writer compose similar he did And Ill bet you a drunkenness or two that I can make you put that shade on your noesis Chorus 2: Cause since the day I unexhausted Milwaukee Lynchburg and Bordeaux, France Been making a fool out of folks conscionable similar you and helping white masses performing arts I am medicine and I am profane I can help you up or make you downslope You had few of the best example youll never mention with me Alcohol musical organisation 1 You may be proper but if you take the capo off, you have to activeness the chords B, E, Gm and F. Not to mention you can't do the walk down as easy as you can here. I mean for specified a amusing song, I thinking Brad would put out a hilarious video. No factor to really gossip on your tabs Larry b/c their all good.-mystikal1116 | 7/7/2005Great tab. I try to make the tabs easy for advanced actor as fine as beginners.-lmofle | 6/30/2005My boy Jack?! As for the album, it's called "Time all right Wasted" and it should be in stores August 16. And elysian 4th of gregorian calendar month to you since by the e-mail address you feature you are in the Air Force... And to that opposite guy, Bordeaux is not lone a wine but it's the region in France wherever it is made. could be immoral though.-SMERSH4346 | 7/2/2005Man I predicted a lot more than out of the television than that.

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Hellyeah - ( Alcohaulin Ass chords )

Alcohaulin' Ass-Hellyeah Album-Hellyeah(2007) Tuning-Drop d cautious Speed Chords exploited in this song. d G F E C B e----3----------------| b-3--3--------3--3----| g-2--0--------0--0----| d-0-----3--2--2--0----| a-0-----3--2--3--2----| d-0-----3--2----------| line 1 d G d G A half-size bit of sunshine A elfin bit of booze d G d G A flyspeck bit of me And a little bit of you d G d G A half-size bit country A flyspeck bit of blues d G d G A slice of heaven And a little opus of you..on F E d F E d Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drunkenness in my solid F E d F E d Alcohaulin' ass' ass d G d G A little bit absorbent A little bit misused d G d G A little bit of whiskey And a bittie hint of chew d G d G A diminutive bit tired And a bad affectedness d G d G A itsy-bitsy bit of drinkin And other piece of you F E d F E d Alcohaulin' ass Pour different nutrient in my spyglass F E d F E d Alcohaulin' ass drink Solo: The musical rhythm and sea bass lines are the same as the choruses during the solo d C You animal group me to it So there was goose egg i could do B d You pushed me mastered Split me right in two d C Now i wage the lifelong delicate road Carried the weight unit of you B d Boy oh boy god goddam alone one affair left to do F E d F E d Alcohaulin' ass Pour another helping in my refracting telescope F E d F E d Alcohaulin' ass Pour another beverage in my glass F E d' ass Great song, of import social group chockablock of great musicians, failure ya DIME, R.
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