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1 I--------English exercises double a week( to compose ) 2 My friend--------------his homework in the afternoon as a instruction (to do) 3 My missy -----------her homework now (to do) 4 Dont shout! The baby-----------(to sleep) 5 The baby always------after dinner (to sleep) 6 What-------you-------now (to read) 7 What books--------you-------for your written material lessons (to read) 8 What ---------your overprotect usually------------for feed (to cook) 9 -----------she ----------a cake now(to cook) 10-_________(you see) that man ended there -Which man The man in the abolitionist jacket -No. I______(to talk)about the man who______(to wear)the blue man !

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Present Simple или Present Continuous. Упражнения с ответами. |

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She (3) ___________ domestic at 8.30am all day and (4) __________ to work. She (2) _______ give at this time all morning. All the children in her class (7) ________ from Canberra. So Suzanne (9) ______ a lot of instant teaching English. At the time she (6) ________her class of 8-year-old children.

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Использовать глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple I _______ English exercises...

Write) My friend _____ his homework in the farewell as a rule.(to do) My female sibling _____ her homework now.(to do) Don't shout! -No, I____(to talk) more or less the man who ____(to wear) the blue shirt.-Oh,that man! -No, I _____ (not to think) so.- I ____ (to know,not) him either. The young woman ___(to sleep) The baby always _____ after dinner.(to sleep) What ____ you ____ now? (to read) What books ____ you _____ for your literary study lessons?
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