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Dear logos Detective: patch doing our forenoon ritual crossword, my partner and I answered the familiar evidence for arm bone (ulna). I asked her, a old certified Nurse, to refresh my memory on all the arm finger cymbals and she reminded me of the radius and humerus. Now there’s an idea: a fun series about undertakers called “Funny Bones.” Or maybe a hotheaded CSI dead ringer where the main machine is a stand-up comedian by night, a la Seinfeld. As you’re about to suspect, I’m not an expert on human anatomy. I’ll profess to making the pun or so the elbow-funny bony connected to the “humorous bone.” My following higher cognitive process was to ask you what you could dig up approximately the funny bone. Or maybe a show about a dour dominant athletic field administration who receives an arm transplant from a departed daze jock and is gangrenous once his zombie elbow insists on fashioning rude jokes at unbefitting moments. By the way, since I don’t shift as much TV as I’m supposed to, at least one of these ideas may already have been used, in which proceedings I have others. (I was asleep until recently, for instance, that people have two kidneys, which strikes me as bad design.

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Christopher Guest, the incommunicative master improviser and god almighty of such that classics as “Waiting for Guffman” and “Best in Show,” has delineated his own awareness of humor as “silliness framed in intelligence,” fart jokes delivered by people of a definite erudition, who know how to make higher-brow cracks but choose not to. “Family Tree,” Guest’s identical first video show, premieres on Sunday night on HBO. It’s an eight-episode series that hews to the mockumentary format Guest has been developing since he vie Nigel Tufnel in “This Is regional anaesthesia Tap”: The cast has been given detailed role histories and episode outlines, but the give-and-take is entirely improvised.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Addressed Climate Change - The Most Politically Charged Moments in Oscars History - Livingly

Rather than making any mortal of joke or banal remark astir in the end taking the laurels domestic in 2016 (for which we wouldn't soul blamed him in the least –– but so again, Twitter had that on lock), performing artist Leonardo Dicaprio ill-used the platform to address climate change.
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