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Some of the earliest far-famed references to weapon swallowing were documented playing period foursome one thousand years ago in bharat by fakirs and priest-doctor priests who practiced the art around 2000 BC, on with fire-eating, fire-walking on hot coals, birthing on cactus or a bed of nails, ophidian handling, and other ascetic interfaith practices, as demonstration of their invulnerability, power, and connection with their gods. Sword swallowing is still performed in certain part of India today. Sword swallowers in bharat are noted by the constituent "golewala" or "jolewale" or "jholewale" or "jholawalla" (meaning "juggler" or "street performer") or "jagudar" (meaning "magician" or "miracle worker").

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All a pharaoh wants is a discriminate place to rest, surrounded by his (equivalent to) millions of dollars in gelt and valued ancient artifacts, but there's always much comedian that wants his stuff. So, the Mummy's gotta get out of his cloth covering casket and open a can of curse-ass in his shambling, arms-straight-out, wrapped-in-bandages, way. He doesn't genuinely plight if he's assaultive authentic heavy robbers or archaeologists who want to put him in a museum. He's not clever or powerful, but when his icy hand grips someone's shoulder, smooth the manliest of men will let out a girlish scream.

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