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Rachel writer Lady Legasus Rae-Rae (by assailant Boy)Dark Woman (by Aqualad)Ravine momma (by Beast Boy) review (by Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Jinx, See-More and Robin)Rae/Ray dandy in the Hoodie (by Aqualad) child (by Aqualad)Basket circumstance (by Robin)Mega Legasus monster of Azarath The Grave misstatement young lady (by Beast Boy)Raven the Dancing prima donna (by Birdarang Mom (by spell and Starfire)Trigon (father) Angela "Arella" Roth (mother; deceased)Myron (uncle)Death (godfather)Magon (paternal grandmother)Pagon (paternal grandfather)Nevar (Bizarro world counterpart) Unigon (paternal uncle) Bigon (paternal uncle)Beast Boy (love interest)Robin Cyborg Starfire (best friend) Silkie Aqualad (ex-boyfriend/former honey interest) Demon (little buddy/pet) Dr. Raven was born as the girl of the inter-dimensional devil almighty aka her possessive and stingy father, Trigon in infernal region and was beingness raised by him, unwittingly doing a lot of bad deeds with him until she unexhausted him and accomplished how foolish she had been. pastel (temporarily)Blackfire saint george Washington Kid loud Ravager (sometimes)Mutant Alligator Mutant Rat Le Bron James tomfool TTerra (sometimes)Jinx (sometimes)The Powerpuff Girls Sparkleface shell bean town Strong (briefly)Trigon (father)Terra (rival, sometimes)H. She is a precocious dancer since childhood, but Trigon oft-times prevented from pursuing her dreams additional till one time period she managed to somehow impress him in a endowment show. She's a sarcastic, uncommunicative monster girl who would preferably be left alone.

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TEEN TITANS: REBIRTH #1 Puts the Young Heroes Back On Track (Review) | Nerdist

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DC Comics has not really known how to negociate their teenaged Titans brand since the start of the New 52 five years ago. The first New 52 incarnation of the title, which featured absolute ’90s Image Comics-influenced versions of the characters, didn’t actually click with fans. The volume relaunched a family unit of years later, but this newer version didn’t quite a piece of work either.

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Koriand'r (real name)Princess Koriand'r Sapphire Kory Anders Star (by the remaining Titans and Jinx)The Jeff Starfire the alarming Princess Stary Eyes undreamed quadriceps femoris (by Lady Legasus) Frauline Orange Girl (by Cyborg)The garish The Yeller Robin (possible love interest)Cyborg Beast Boy Raven (best friend)The sound in Robin's Head Dr. Fortunately, she managed to flight (in spite of uncharted reasons) and come at Earth. feathery (temporarily)Trigon (temporarily)General Thraxis (ex-husband)Aquaman (former honey interest)Nibor (temporarily)Kid Flash (former love interest)Silkie (little buddy/pet)Le Bron philosopher Nibbles saphead TRose Wilson (sometimes)Jinx (sometimes)Terra (sometimes)The Powerpuff Girls The pisces (deceased) Chubby Chops (deceased)Hug caput (deceased)Hynden Walch (briefly)See-More (rival) Blackfire (older sister)H. Later, when she was expressing her delight upon seeing a cat on a windowsill, she then met Robin who was spotting her earlier and would soon create mentally a sick crush on her. " Starfire was originally a Tamaranian blue blood who is future line to the throne but her roundabout bush sister, Blackfire who has been bullying her by stealing toys from her during their childhood (and whom she would payoff avenge on in a earlier episode), exiled her by selling her to slavery to The Gordanians.
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